Alright! Now I have to make sure not to let my self trapped (especially not to be deliberately self-trapping) into the words that manifest as a mask. Hiding yourself behind those words which disguise a kind of intention—for instance, people often make poems a la Wiji Thukul or Taufik Ismail, but unconsciously enact and put them as a way to smarten theirs conceitedness or arrogance (as a way to be watched differently and to direct others’ perception to receive and admit it as an authentic)—is to constitutes a foolishness, indeed. We must learn, that Chairil Anwar’s poems of love and making love is more pithy. It’s spiritedly reveal the truth behind the normative reality. He did not argue, but had the metaphor. Anwar had his metaphor in a proper and ethical ways.


Author: Manshur Zikri


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