Saturday, May 19th 2012, what I do…

Today, I’ll be listening to Radiohead’s twelve hours full albums during archiving data and finishing the report. #asyek

(1993) Pablo Honey
(1994) My Iron Lung
(1995) The Bends
(1997) Lost Treasures 1993-1997
(1997) MTV Unplugged
(1997) OK Computer
(1998) Airbag-How Am I Driving
(1998) Itch
(2000) Kid A
(2001) Amnesiac
(2001) I Might Be Wrong
(2001) No Surprises Slash–Running From Demons
(2003) Hail to the Thief
(2004) Com Lag
(2007) In Rainbows
(2009) Drill
(2011) The King of Limbs

Thanks a lot to Ade Humaidi (Toddy Dinuri) who told me the impressiveness of Radiohead, and thepiratebay that provides the torrent file.

Author: Manshur Zikri


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