opus by Tooftolenk Manshur Zikri, 20 November 2010
Sometimes I think what Durkheim predicted will happen to human in now
we live in a lot of integrations and regulations
and the other times no integration and no regulation make us frustated
you know that some people have tried to combine so many dots, pull some lines, form a figuration
but what we want be appeared from our backbones, from the spinal, don’t come and smile to us
and we lost our smile much less laugh
some people commented that indefinite man is the one who always worried, too worried, anxious, too anxious to something that should be done
the experts demanded us to give them a revolution notion
but what if their sons and daughters is not as genius as an apostle?
I believe that everyone genius in their life, but not the expert life
if someone indeed can’t find the stimulation, what we have to say?
let the child to be creative with so many demands that can be relied on theories that already exist;
or demands for a new revolution of the mind which is expected by the experts in order that they can clap their hands and chuckle admiringly;
is sometimes make the man in now fall to the pressure of integration and regulation.
And then Durkheim will proudly pat his chest in hell, and shout, “What I predicted comes true!” out.
I know, what I am worried about is not good. I am wrong in this case
Finally, I just can blame and point the situation that is fuck!
If I were Durkheim, I wouldn’t promote this fucking theory! So the situation doesn’t look down just receive my vituperation.

Author: Manshur Zikri


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