This is a song by Iwan Fals, we translated to English with our own interpretation.

manshurzikri and yanaalisa

If love no longer be regarded,
no wish that the justice will come with charm.
The sadness was only a great spectacle
for they whom throne deceived of harm.

Why, I know, demount!
Yeah, demount it.

Be patient, patient, ‘let’s see’ and ‘please wait’.
Those are all responses, all of which we receive and wait,
“we only deserve that?” [?]

In fact, we must go to the streets to ride
Devastate and knock down the scoundrel standing astride!
Because we know, demount!
Yeah, demount it.

Suppression and despotism
There are more, too many to be said.
Ahoy stop it, don’t go ahead!
We’re fed up with uncertainty
and your cupidity

The streets: the dreams are leaned on
in that house: no people could be trusted.

The old and great people
Regard and look at us as a human
We ask you; give your answer with love.

iwan fals


Author: Manshur Zikri


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